View Full Version : Best way to input video to Apple LCDs?

Jul 24, 2004, 04:26 PM
I was disappointed when I learned that the new Apple LCD monitors did not allow for direct connection of a video signal from appliances other than the computer, as I had hoped that this substantial purchase would be able to do double duty as a TV monitor in that room.

I understand that I can play DVDs in the computer and buy a tuner card so it can receive television broadcasts, but what is the best way to let its LCD monitor display the signal from a VCR? Do I have to digitize the tapes -- as if I was going to edit or copy them, even though I may only want to view them -- and won't their copy protection system interfere with my doing that?

If there is a peripheral that lets me connect a VCR directly, and the VCR has its own tuner, does that mean I won't need to buy a tuner card for the computer?
Any suggestions?

Jul 24, 2004, 04:37 PM
Check out Elgato Systems' EyeTV 200:

It has video in, and a TV tuner, and connects via Firewire. It seems like the best option to me. I believe Canopus may have some similar products, and you might want to check out Pinnacle Systems too.

Lee Tom