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Jul 25, 2004, 09:59 AM
I hear talk of the newton from time to time, and i'm not quite sure what is was, and if it was produced. From what I can gather it was a PDA, and I thought that it had never gone into production but I was just watching a few seconds of a Steven Segal movie and there was a PDA looking thing that said Newton on it. So, if anyone can clear this up for me that would be much appreciated

Jul 25, 2004, 10:16 AM
The Newton was a (fantastic) PDA Apple made before Steve Jobs took over as interim CEO. Steve almost immediately discontinued the Newton and killed its development (which really sucks) in order to focus on "damage control" at the then-floundering Apple (which was the right thing to do).

There were several models of the Newton released before it was discontinued. The earlier ones (the "Message Pad 1xx") had really mediocre handwriting recognition and didn't gain much positive support from the tech world. The later Newtons however (the "Message Pad 2000" and "2100"), had a much-improved version of the Newton OS, with good handwriting recognition (which was used as the basis for OS X's "Inkwell").

The 2000 and 2100 were just catching on when Steve killed them (along with the "eMate," which was like an earlier version of the iBooks-in-school idea). In concept and in technology, the Newton was really ahead of its time (it used the ARM processors now common in PDAs). It was also, unfortunately, a PDA the size of a hardcover novel (although the size would've eventually come down).

Well, that should clear up the whole "Newton" thing for you. :D

Jul 25, 2004, 01:06 PM
Thanks a lot that was everything I needed to know.

Jul 25, 2004, 01:32 PM