View Full Version : BPM tool recommendation?

Nov 4, 2009, 04:36 PM
Hi all. I am looking for a BPM tool that will tag my MP3 files. Here are the few criteria I am looking for:

1)A product YOU have used and therefore have direct knowledge of how good it is.

2)I want to be able to see/test my mp3s before commiting the ID3 tag. For example, I have 20,000 mp3s in my iTunes library and I don't want the application to just start churning through my iTunes Library and automatically updating/saving the ID3 tag. I want the application to point to, for example, a folder on my drive with some test mp3s that it will tag or preview (notice I did not say iTunes) and I then can confirm with my own handheld BPM device. I hope this makes sense.

3)I am on Windows XP.

4)I would prefer freeware or trialware...I'm only going to use it on 500 or so mp3 files...not all 20,000.

I have heard of BEATunes but it doesn't seem to allow me to preview its work...it seems to (from the limited support and screenshots on their website at http://www.beatunes.com/ ) point to iTunes directly and seemingly update the MP3 file as soon as it has analyzed it.

Thanks so much if you have any tips!