View Full Version : Mostly broken iPod 5th gen, what are my options

Nov 10, 2009, 03:33 PM
My 5th gen iPod video decided not to work one day a couple years ago, and because of minor dents, the warranty was voided. I could fiddle with it and get a dead face, but that was all. I decided to gut it and see if fiddling with the innards would do much of anything. It refused to work from then on. :\
I sold the battery to a friend, but everything else seems to be fine, maybe. I never found out the original problem, so it's either the HD or the board. I think I may have cracked the headphone clip-kinda-looking thing on the board.
Would professional repair be too costly or ineffective? Have I forgotten to try a home repair? Should I just sell what I can? (Honestly, of course.) Thank you in advance.