View Full Version : HELP with alesis io26 firewire with imac OS X 10.6.1

Nov 13, 2009, 07:01 PM
hello. was just wondering if anyone knows how to get sound out of imac OS X 10.6.1 with my alesis io26 firewire i have 2 powered speakers running into it i have set everything up on my mac in system preference so i can see the input mode is working with it when i plug in a mic, it indicates its workin but when i try to change output settings for sound in system preferences it shows the alesis 1394 in there but wont let me select it or modify it. previously i had it installed on my PC and it worked a dream no hassles what so ever u could ever use it to listen to itunes but now i have moved to mac i have never had so many problems with one little tiny thing.
i have tried everything from ringing about 20 people at mac support they are hopeless they cant tell me anything, i cant get in contact with people from alesis its a joke!!. i have re installed the driver cd, to downloading drivers off the alesis site but nothing works can anybody please help!!! please write on here or my email address is browny_28@hotmail.com any help would be much appreciated!! PLEASE!!!!

Nov 14, 2009, 05:34 PM
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