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Jul 30, 2004, 06:01 PM
I've been doing alot of research regarding the removal of the 4gb microdrive from the creative labs Muvo 2 ($200). I've read a few forum posts stating that there have been some models with the drive soldered to the chipset. I've also noticed there haven't been any posts (at least on dpreview.com) since February. Does this all add up to CreativeLabs making new models without removable drives? (By removable, I acknowledge that it is voiding the warranty and requires an extremely tiny scredriver.) Has anybody performed this hack? Also, I'm curious as to formatting issues....Does one simply remove the drive from the player and stick it into a camera? (Given, of course, that the drive is empty and the camera is FAT32 compatible.) Or is it neccessary to format it in some manner? I'm going on a three month trip and have no room for extra cards (truth is, I'll probably away from electricity for the entire duration,) and need something that'll be able to hold my entire trip's worth of pictures, without paying too much. Would you consider it a gamble to buy a Muvo 2 for the microdrive for use in a Nikon D70? Any advice would be greaaaaatly appreciated.

Jul 31, 2004, 01:28 PM
pdpfilms -

From what I have read about the 4GB drive from the Muvo 2 camera, I think only the older models are compatible with some cameras. I think hitachi (they make the HDD right?) was angry and either Creative labs or hitachi make the mp3's HDD imcompatible.

This site has alot of information about what you are thinking about doing:

I don't know if you have an ipod, but another option would be to get Belkin's card reader which attaches to your ipod, and allows you to download images to your ipod. Check out
www.belkin.com and search for ipod. If you buy from them, you can use the coupon "12345" to get 50% off any product i think. <this may not be the best option if you will be away from electricity for awhile>

good luck,

Jul 31, 2004, 06:15 PM
Looks like I'll be scanning ebay for microdrives that others managed to remove. Thanks Hairy.

Aug 1, 2004, 12:51 AM
I heard a while back that either Hitachi or Creative changed the firmware or some other such nonsense on the drives because people were buying them, stripping the drive and selling it on eBay for a decent profit. I heard this a few weeks after the iPod mini started shipping so, under your circumstances, I wouldn't risk it.

You could consider hairy_brute's idea. As he said, maybe not the best if you're away from power for a while but if his discount code is true, pick up Belkin's "Backup Battery Pack" for the iPod there. It's about $60 usually and takes 4 AA bateries to power the iPod. I'm guessing you'll be taking AA's anyway for the camera.

BTW, the belkin site lists the Digital Camera Link as "out of stock" currently. I picked one up at a local CompUSA recently for a good deal. They decided to stop carrying them so they are discontinued in their system which usually brings a nice little discount if you bug them ;)