View Full Version : Remote iPhone development on a Mini from a Windows XP laptop

Nov 21, 2009, 12:29 PM
So I'm up and running with a development environment on a Mac Mini; currently working with the GeekGameBoard source code. Since my primary development machine is a Windows XP laptop, I remote into the Mini using VNC to run Xcode and the simulator.

I turned on file sharing on the Mini and now I am able to edit the source from my laptop (using jEdit) so I can use all my familiar shortcuts. Is anyone else using a similar setup?

Is there a way to develop components on Windows (non UI of course) using GnuStep or the equivalent and then merge them into your project? Is there a way to configure a template for source files, configure syntax highlighting (and intellisense?) and use the GnuStep binaries to compile (instead of the shell)?