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Dec 2, 2009, 09:58 AM
I am planning a new app and is abit confused about how to organize the navigation. My structure for the app is to show a tableView and a tabBar as the user opens up the app. If the user clicks on one of the table view cells, he will get to a specific part of the app. For instance if he clicks on a cell called book shops the view would change and a new tableview appears with some book shops. Every cell in this new tableView describes a book shops for instance. If the user clicks on one of the book shops he will get a more detailed information about the chosen book shop. In the first table view showing all the book shops the user shall also be able to click on a button in the head navigation bar, which will switch to a mapView with all the book shops annotated. My problem is - how shall I (as clever as possible) organize those different views. I suppose that I have to make the table view and the mapview subviews to the book shop view? I have seen that in interface builder is it possible to add many views to one xib. How do I switch between the views I have added? I know how to program the single part of the app but my problme is always to connect the parts properly. I have read two books and followed a lot of tutorials on the internet but I do not really get the structure to use when an app is more complex than the examples available by apple... Perhapt someone would like to post me an example on big and complex projekt, only to let me see the structure one may use...?
I am looking forward to any comments or advice, because I really want to learn about this.
Thanks in advance!

Dec 3, 2009, 02:46 AM
no ideas?
Ok, if I ask a bit more specific:
If I have a program with a table view and every cell in this table view leads to a "module". This module includes a map, another tableview and a detailed view and every object in the first table view has such a module with exactly the same structure. How do I reuse this "module" properly? I assume that the first view is some kind of rootview and should the other views/modules be subviews?
The structure could be something like this:
startview -> |module where a list or a map may be chosen|->detailed view
So my questition is:
What elemtns(viewcontroller etc) shall I use to create this. How should they me connected to eachother in order to make the app memory effective?
Please give me a hint! :o