View Full Version : Stripping down a G4 iMac

Dec 2, 2009, 11:56 AM
How feasible is to strip down a G4 iMac? The ceramic insert for my speakers has broken up, so I am forced to use the integral speaker.

Can I get to the ports easily enough, or is it a job for a pro?

Also, on most CDs I am having to reboot to access their data - sometimes even this does not work.

Anybody advise?


Dec 2, 2009, 10:01 PM
They are pretty easy to disassemble and replacing the CD drive is also pretty easy if you are familiar with the internal components of computers.

Just be sure to use thermal paste when you put it back together. There are guides showing you where to reapply paste once you put it back together.

Dec 3, 2009, 03:27 PM
Many thanks, OrangeSVJguy, will take your advice.