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Dec 2, 2009, 12:49 PM
Hello, i have got serious problems with my XML Parser at the moment.

The Error is in Statusviewer.m

but i can not find it, can anybody help me?

The Files are here: http://demo.komexa.com/Archiv.zip

http://demo.komexa.com/sicherungsbereich.html is parsed.

For getting the strings i use UIWebView because of caching problems.

Thanks in advance.

THe Error is 76 NSXMLParserTagNameMismatchError
I have no idea :/ Maybe you can help me? It should load the File, and then reload it every 5 seconds, i use uiwebview because the old version usw. often cached, even if i disabled caching. Could you mail me?

You can send me the file via ploetzeneder (a ) gmail.com

Best regards