View Full Version : Solution: Howto Setup AirportExpress for a wireless router

Aug 6, 2004, 09:41 AM
Hi all,

I didn't find any detailed info about how to do it, but finally I was able to resolve the problem.

(1) Problem description
AiportExpress (AEX) seems not to connect to a wireless router.
- status LED stays orange
- most likely occurs in windows environments

(2) Resolution
assumed config:
- one windows XP pc without a wireless card
- one broadband wireless router supporting 802.11g protocol
- wintel machine is connected to router via cable
- airtunes software is installed on wintel machine
- you only want to use AEX for audio streaming /w iTunes

2.1 Configure router:
- Add AEX' MAC Address to list of allowed MAC addresses of the router
- Provide an IP address for the AEX
2.2 Connect AEX with CABLE to the router (like any client)
2.3 start Aiport Admin Utility
It should find the AEX after a scan
2.4 Hit configure & Set the following options:
2.4.1 Aiport
- Give it a useful name
- change the password (defaults to public)
- use base station to "Join an existing network"
- if you have your own network name, enter it
- set wireless security keys as needed
2.4.2 Internet
- Connect using Wireless Network
- Configure -> Using DHCP
2.4.3 Network, Port Mappingm, Access Control, Authentification, WDS
- unchanged (in my system, all are disabled:-))
2.4.5 Music
- enable ALL options
- Provide a useful speaker name for the AEX
- enable password (if you like)

3. Select Update to save the settings
4. Disconnect cable from AEX
5. Install where you want it to, connect to stereo
6. enjoy!!

Kind regards,