View Full Version : Is it possible to have AVFramework and AudioToolbox framework in one app?

Dec 13, 2009, 10:29 AM
I'm trying to write develop audio related application.
In that, I'm using AudioToolBox framework for recording the sound. And I'm using AVFramework to play soudns.
When app is stared, it will play some mp3 file using AVFramework. And also initializes Audiotoolbox.
In simulator, I'm able to record and play. But when I'm testing it on iPhone, I'm getting following error for initializing AudioToolBox.

2009-12-11 22:25:51.599 StoryBook[807:207] AudioRecorder init
AudioSessionInitialize failed with error: 1768843636

Can some one tell me whether we can use both AV as well as Audio Toolbox frame works in one application?
Why I'm getting that error?