View Full Version : HMV selling off 120GB iPod classic stock for 99

Dec 24, 2009, 07:01 PM
HMV've reduced the Sept '08-Sept '09 120GB Classics from 175 to 99.

Depends on if your store has any of the old stock left but if you can find one it's an awesome deal. They put a reduction on shuffles as well (although I can't really remember it. Does 30 for a 4GB shuffle sound like a reduction?). No reduction on the old nanos though. Shame since my store has about 30 just sitting in a drawer.

Anyway, it's a great deal so I thought I'd mention it. My store at least didn't advertise the offer. Our old iPods just sit in a locked drawer and a manager just stuck the sale stickers on them then closed it again. I think all our Classics were bagged by staff though, we only had about 3/4 yesterday and I grabbed the last one first thing this morning. Maybe worth asking about if you fancy a bargain.

Anyway, Happy Christmas :)