View Full Version : Other examples of Apple as clever marketers?

Aug 12, 2004, 06:44 AM
Recently Napster linked up with the mighty Sun newspaper which is the biggest by miles in terms of circulation in the UK, and there were rumblings that Apple were missing a few marketing tricks. Wrong.

What do they do to get iPod mini, and by definition iTunes Music Store plastered all over the Sun? Some wannabe pop idol (someone who will be followed and read about by millions of Sun readers) is to be the face of the mini iPod.

I think that is very clever of Apple. ie, unlike Napster, they have no direct association with a very tacky newspaper, but they are having their premium product of the moment being promoted for free to millions of Sun readers with spare cash for things like iPods.

Anyone seen any other Apple promotional tactics that seem to work in unconventional ways?