View Full Version : 3rd generation iPod!

Jan 1, 2010, 02:01 PM
I have wanted a 3rd gen. iPod for a long time now so I have been looking around ebay and CL and nothing is really showing up. Well I put on my facebook status "I really want a 3rd gen. iPod for some odd reason! You know the one from back in 2004?" So a bunch of friends responded and everyone was going through nostalgia when a friend of a friend said that his had just dies last week and he finally upgraded and that I could have it because it was broken. HOLY CRAP I was excited! Well we meet up and he hands me his iPod and we talk for a bit... anyways it isn't a 3rd generation :( it was a 4th generation iPod and it worked perfectly after I reset it... So the good is I got a free working iPod, the bad is it isn't the one I want! I still want a 3rd gen!!!