View Full Version : Unibody Macbook distortion vs dedicated hifi amp

Jan 3, 2010, 08:51 AM
I'm not sure if I've just started noticing it or if its what its always been like but I used to use my sennheiser HD205 headphones straight into my unibody macbook headphone jack now I'm in the process of getting a hifi system (a bit audiophile) and so far just got an amp. Now I'm using my macbook -> amp -> headphones and the bass in particular is amazing (but I didnt realise it made that much difference). Now im at home and my amps at uni Ive seriously noticed the difference between using the amp or not and it sounds quite awful to me now :(

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why my macbook seems to be distorting the bass a lot now? I thought I might have damaged them via large signal from the amp but ive got 2 pairs and tried them both (same).

Is it just a case of me noticing the distortion now ive heard better or could my macbook/headphones be a bit buggered?


Jan 3, 2010, 03:40 PM
I think your ears are just becoming "educated". The HD205 are what they call "value headphones" and the amp built in the Mac is only moderately powerful. The combination is OK but not perfect.

If you think one part is device then the problem will move with it. If the sound is the same with the headphones plugged into a iPod then it's the headphones.

Audio is like that, you buy something you think it is good but then after a while your idea what is "good" changes. After a while it gets expensive.

Jan 5, 2010, 11:05 AM
Yeh maybe, I seem to have got used to the setup now without my amp (its at uni) so im quite happy now until the end of the week when Ill be listening to it through my amp again! Yay :P

I listen to very strong bassy songs so I guess the amp did make a big difference in making that sound a lot better. The Sennheiser HD205's are wicked for the money I paid - 18 delivered! :P (bought 2 pairs haha)

Just lately ive started to notice distortion and bad quality music and its perhaps not the best skill since ill 'have' to now buy 500 speakers to make me happy haha :D

The sounds always differenct through my iPod classic, (theres no custom equalizer on the iPod) and there is quite a bit of distortion (again mainly bass) but my music collect is very bassy (Deadmau5 has sharp bass a lot of the time)