View Full Version : True macro on the cheap!

Jan 14, 2010, 08:16 PM
Long story short; I did some computer work for a family friend. I noticed two "Yashica Dental Eye II's" sitting out (Medical/Dental macro 35mms). I asked about them and was told they were on their way to the dumpster. The clinic had gone digital.

For reference:

Like most people on this forum, I felt the need to rescue them.

I get home, do some reading and find out they have a 100mm f4.0 Macro lens that is "non-removable". Ring flash built in.

One of the units was already damaged so I decided to find out if they are really "non-removable". About an hour later, I find out: The lens release is covered by the body. Obviously Yashica didn't want this lens swapped out. I gently pulled the lens out (which has the flash cord still attached and dangling) The mount is a C/Y mount that is easily adapted to an EOS body.

Anyway... I figured this might be a useful tidbit for those of you who want an excellent macro on the EXTREME cheap.

Here are some examples. Major note: I do NOT have a C/Y adapter mount yet so these shots are HANDHELD while HOLDING the lens to the body.

The pictures are the same shot, the closer one is a 100% crop.