View Full Version : Newbie questions about Runcore SSD for Air Rev. A

Jan 18, 2010, 05:57 PM
Greetings all. I've done quite a bit of reading on this forum as well as tweaktown to learn more about replacing my Rev A Air from it's 80gb hdd to the Runcore IV 64gb SSD. After learning about how the recent firmware, 1819, seems to have corrected the sleep problems previous owners were having, and having read and re-read all the tips and guides on ifixit on replacing the Air's hard drive, I'm now left to learn some VERY basic things. I'm hoping you guys can lend me a hand here, and please pardon how dumb these questions are.

I am wondering if there is anything I need to do to aside from following the steps to use carbon copy cloner for my current hdd, which is partitioned to run Parallels (needed XP for some statistical software I use at school/work).
I guess my question is, after I use the cloner and install the ssd per instructions on ifixit, will I need to re-partition the ssd? Also, will I need to find my original CD's to re-install my software or Windows XP? I only ask these questions because I am not the most technically savvy, but I'm usually pretty great at following guides and instructions. Any help you have to offer is greatly appreciated. I've already taken down notes to buy a specific screwdriver to buy the spudger to ease the installation process, but realize that I don't even know some of the basic stuff that people don't even ask about to get my system up and running.

Thanks again,

Jan 18, 2010, 06:53 PM
If you clone the entire hard drive everything even windows should remain 100% the same if you do a backup it may save settings and programs but you would need to do reinstalls and probley lose windows.

Jan 19, 2010, 11:06 AM
Thank you Airforcekid. So if I use the included carbon copy cloner, I should be able to open up my Air and get to working without needing to re-install all my various programs. Sounds good to me. Does this mean I don't need to re-partition my SSD drive? Thanks again!