View Full Version : Mac showing as New-Host-2 on PC [RESOLVED]

Jan 20, 2010, 05:16 PM
First let me start by saying that I tried Googling and searching before I came here to post. My iMac G5 with 10.5 Leopard installed shows up as New-Host-2 on my Windows 7 Pro x64 desktop pc.

Here's what I tried thus far, starting with most obvious:

-Installed Bonjour for Windows: Probably the biggest waste of time on my part. It did absolutely nothing to help other than auto-detecting a printer stored on the mac. Nothing Windows couldn't do already.
-Checked iMac computer name: Was set normally "iMac G5"
-Changed WinS settings on Leopard: I changed the computer name and added the computer to the WORKGROUP workgroup, since that is the new default in Vista/7. Still no luck.
-Used Terminal to Change HostNames: I tried sudo scutil --Get HostName, I also used the --Get LocalHostName command. Then I used the --set HostName to change it. Still no luck

So this is why I come here to ask you kind people for some assistance.

EDIT (Resolved):

I went back and checked the netbios name and found out it hadn't changed afterall when I changed it in the box for some reason. I still don't have any idea why it wasn't changing, however, I fixed it by downloading an application called SharePoints and changing the SMB properties. It's supposed to be for Tiger, but it worked on Leopard.