View Full Version : Some help with MBP ''hanging'' at shut down please

Jan 25, 2010, 11:53 AM
Hi ladies/gentlemen.

Just a quick bit of help needed if it's at all possible.

I have searched the forums and I have gathered that there is usually no specific reason as to why ''hanging'' may occur, my shut down time was usually within 3-5 seconds, now it's taking 30-60. I have followed some of the procedures suggested in other threads so hopefully this is all of some use.

First of all I think this may have occurred post the latest firmware a few days ago, however I have had a little trouble with a program called Rapid Evolution crashing a few times lately and have since re-installed it. My friend recently installed Ps Extended for me as it was a little confusing for me. I also usually have a separate monitor connected to watch movies and tried doing so at a friends house on two of his lcd tv's last night if this is useful too.

I have ran the Disk Utility to verify/repair disk permissions.
On the basis of that I achieved these results.

Then I decided to reset the PRAM and NVRAM

I have shut down to see if anything appeared within the Console Messages. I got the following results, which hopefully may mean a little more to those in the know.

When I try and look at my Activity Log there seems to be constant fluctuations, which I have tried my best to capture all of them to best aid anyone in understanding any problems and got images, which I have left links for due to size-

System Specs
Running: Mac OSX 10.5.8
Model Identifier: MacBookPro5,1
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache: 3 MB
Memory: 2 GB
Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz
Boot ROM Version: MBP51.007E.B05
SMC Version (system): 1.41f2

I apologise in advance for maybe providing too much information and using the bold text, I just thought it may be a little easier for people to skim through. Hope this can help you to help me, kindest regards, Dean :o

John Doe 57
Jan 25, 2010, 03:50 PM
Sometimes my MacBook Pro takes 10 seconds to shut down and other times it takes 90 seconds and its been like this for over a year.

Jan 25, 2010, 04:15 PM
i think the shutdown time has to do with the number of apps open at the time of shutdown.It takes a lot less time to quit textedit than say photoshop CS4.