View Full Version : iPhoto + Mobiles accounts + Syncing....so maby problems! please help...

Jan 28, 2010, 04:51 PM
I administer an Apple XServe on a primary school with leopard fully updated.

We have about 20 macbook laptops which login using the wireless network and a number of hard wired iMacs.

Five of those laptops are being used by teachers who want to take their laptops at home. So I have created mobile accounts for them. But since I've done that we've been having endless problems with syncing!

I have configured them to sync every 10minutes and also during login and logout.
Even if they have synced already the login/logout times are extremely long and during syncing iPhoto keeps duplicating it's libraries!!!

I have tried to completely remove the network accounts and do them from scratch but eventually the problems come up.

I am not thinking to completely disable the mobile accounts, create a local account for them and ask them to use USB sticks to transfer files to their network directories!

Any experts on mobile accounts please help!