View Full Version : Air + Time Capsule + _____ offsite backup service?

Jan 28, 2010, 06:36 PM
I've maxed out my Air's hard drive. My local solution is to move my 70 GB of photos and music to the Time Capsule. But that leaves me unprotected if say the house were to burn down and destroyed both my Air and Time Capsule.

I was using Mozy.com, but unfortunately Mozy will only backup what's on the Air. Once I move the photos and music off the Air to the TC, Mozy will no longer back those items up.

So...any suggestions on offsite backup alternative that will both continue to backup my air and allow me to backup my photos and music, or is there an offsite service that can backup Time Capsule?

I sent an email to Backblaze to see if they can do this and here's what they said:

"Backblaze mirrors your computer. So if you delete a file, Backblaze
will delete it from the backup servers. Backblaze only backs up what
is on your local computer or an attached USB or Firewire hard drive.
You could check out JungleDisk, since they will archive and backup
network drives. They charge a monthly fee and $.15/GB/Month."

Take care,
Backblaze Team