View Full Version : HELP! ALL CONTACTS (On My iPhone) only show up on my phone & never make it to my cont

Jan 30, 2010, 12:14 PM
I sorted the first and last names the same way on mobile me, computer, phone etc

Do I just sync my phone in my main computer now & pray it works?

My big question is. A lot of my contact only show up on my phone & never make it to my contact book on my computer. NEVER SYNC TO Mobile me either. Used to.

For instance, I click a contact that will not go to my address book. I click on that person. That person is under ALL CONTACTS (On My iPhone) - NOT (@me.com) Mobileme.

1. why is that happening?
Most of my contacts are now under ALL CONTACTS as well all of the sudden.

When I sync with this fix of first & last name idea to fix it, will this get that contact (+126 others) into my book on my computer and not remove them from my phone like the last time I synced (thank god for a bu vcard).

I will not sync until I know the answer.

I will not reset & do something I dont need to do if someone can help me another way.

I keep getting message it will delete 156 contacts, modify 56, update 126. When I look into details. It is deleting ALL MY CONTACTS (On My iPhone).
Not giving me option to merge or anything.

Help or I have to call support. I do have apple care thank god.