View Full Version : FYI: Failed boot of Knoppix DVD required SMC reset on MBA to revive USB port

Feb 9, 2010, 04:04 PM
Hello, I just had a weird experience with my MBA (2,1 with SSD).

I had hooked up the MBA SuperDrive and wanted to see, just for fun, whether the machine could boot from a Knoppix DVD. (Knoppix is a Linux distribution that can run straight off the DVD without touching the harddisk.)

I tried and it seemed to work fine, until I got stuck on a blank screen. Oh well.

I switched off the MBA by holding the power button for >4 secs and it shut down. Rebooted, and noticed that the SuperDrive didn't make any noise. Once in OS X, I didn't get an icon for the DVD. Hmm. Hitting 'eject' didn't do anything.

Checked out the System Profiler, no mention of a SuperDrive! :confused:

Took out the SD, popped in a USB pendrive. Nothing! :eek:

Had I fried my USB port? Sigh. I could already see myself carrying the MBA in for service. Until I remembered the 'Mac cure for everything': resetting the SMC. Did that, and lo and behold: my USB port came back to life. Everything worked again and I could eject the DVD no problem.

I'm just posting it here for the benefit of other users. Has anyone experienced something like it?

Feb 9, 2010, 06:24 PM
Its actually a known problem in the Ubuntu community.