View Full Version : VESA mount on G5 iMac

Sep 1, 2004, 04:34 PM
Is anyone else excited about the VESA mount on the new iMac? I am envisioning my new iMac in the living room, on a stylish arm mounted to the wall, set at standing height rotating through the several thousand pictures I have in iPhoto, while wirelessly blasting iTunes to my home stereo with airport express... then swinging it down over a desk, pulling out a bluetooth keyboard and mouse when I want to work on it, or bringing it forward when I want to watch a DVD.

(remember all the patents Apple submitted for iMac arms? - maybe the drawings were fooling use by including any base at all, and the real intent was to develop a highly functional VESA arm, developed with Apple style of course)

Sep 1, 2004, 04:42 PM
Very excited about the VESA thing. The possiblilties are staggering. One site I went to was talking about the return of the portable Mac (Classic and Classic II). Imagine buying a kit witht he VESA adapter, a carrying case, and a collapsable stand with a quick release mechanism. It would be so useful for so many things (LAN parties, product demos, etc.)

By the way, on the patent thing, if they showed the base in there, than they probably claimed it. You can't patent something you don't claim and show in the patent, so they would have to refile a new application that was more specific to the VESA mount idea in order to patent that as well. (note: I haven't read the patent, so I don't know what they claimed, but i am a patent illustrator and know a bit about hte process. See second URL in sig for my business site). But some arms like they showed in the patent would be an interesting option.