View Full Version : D2D and DirectWrite font and graphic rendering landed on firefox trunk

Mar 2, 2010, 06:32 AM

windows only, to try, get latest trunk and do the following
1. Enter 'about:config'
2. Click through the warning, if necessary
3. Enter gfx.font in the 'Filter' box
4. Double-click on 'gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.enabled' to set it to true
5. Below this, right click and select New > Integer to add a pref setting
6. Enter 'mozilla.widget.render-mode' for the preference name, 6 for the value
7. Restart
I heard that this would improve performance and is the preferred rendering in future windows system.

This requires directx 10, so I dont know if it will ever get to other platform, or if thats necessary at all.