View Full Version : Setting up 10.6 server: DNS/FQDN problems

Mar 3, 2010, 01:07 PM
Hello all,

I have pulled the job on myself of setting up Mac OSX 10.6 Server on a Mac Mini machine. I am new to Macos Server, but I'm not an IT beginner. I've read the documentations that I could find on apple.com, yet I still find myself having problems setting up the server correctly. I first tried to setup the server without a real domain name, and figured that was the problem. So I added a subdomain to the excisting domain name of my (small business) website and pointed it to the static IP of the internet connection of the office. After that I reinstalled macos server, but I still got multiple errors.

So far for the introduction, lets go to facts:
(The domain names and IP adresses are examples for security reasons)

DSL modem-router & ISP info
- NAT disabled
- Gives static public IP adress to connected machine: (I've got 4 static IP adresses, even tho I use one.)
- VPN & Webservice ports forwarded in the firewall to
- Has its own IP adress:
- ISP DNS server 1 info:
- ISP DNS server 1 info:

Router: Apple Time Machine
- Network settings using the static IP (
- Network settings using as the default gateway
- Network settings using DNS server 1:
- Network settings using DNS server 1:
- Set up with NAT
- Has the lan ip adress
- Gives out the DHCP ip adresses -
- Connected to 5x 10.6 clients wirelessly
- Connected to 10.6 Server with utp
- Gives the 10.6 Server the static IP
- VPN & Webservice ports forwarded in the firewall to

Domain Name
Registered domain name: example.com
Added an A dns record for "office.example.com", forwarding it to

Okay, I hope this is all the info you guys need. If not please ask. :)

Basically I have two problems:
1. Very slow connecting on the clients.
2. Server Assistant gives multiple errors

1. After I set up the server, I noticed that the Server had changed my Time Machine's DNS settings. DNS Server 1 was now the server's lan ip adres and the DNS Server 2 was now the ISP DNS

I am pretty sure the slow down is being caused by some bad DNS settings, but I can't seem to see the specifics. Can someone with better insight tell me which DNS adresses I should use in the Time Machine, and in the Server?

2. When Server Assistant asked for the Primary DNS Name, I filled in "office.example.com". For the Computer Name, I filled in "Example Server".

Am I using the domain name correctly like this? Is this the cause of the errors(DNS+Directory Service+other errors) in Server Assistant?

I hope some of you can advice me. :) I have plenty to learn and Im not afraid to either.