View Full Version : DNS in a gateway setup

Mar 4, 2010, 11:27 AM

Please can someone help with exactly what i need to ask for from my ISP as far as what all my PTR/DNS entries should look like on their side?

I am setting up a SL server in a gateway scenario and need to make sure that the ISP side of DNS is correct , what do I need ?

I have my domain let use "mydomain.com" and my server will be "server" so my FQDN will be "server.mydomain.com" I Have my static IP etc ... My question is what records must they have up and running for me to make sure my DNS is 100....'s as I have no access to edit these.

I wish to run my own Directory,wiki,mail and ichat on this server (DNS DHCP NAT and Firewall as required to support these services)

If I understand correctly all I need is my MX and "A" recored pointed at my server's IP is that correct or do they still need to put in * WWW etc etc