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Mar 8, 2010, 04:56 AM

I'm trying to set up some services locally. Also I'd like that some could use these services outside the local network

I have :
A netgear dsl modem/router/firewall/dhcp -
A netgear switch -
A xserve -
Some mac - 192.168.10.x

The idea is setup ichat/ical/opendir locally (not sure if these services required local mail server)

So I setup my xserve like this

dns name : xserv02.mydomain.home
hostname : xserv02

Locally I have two options :
setup a local dns server to resolve xserv02.mydomain.home
setup the /etc/hosts on all mac

If I setup a local dns server, then xserv02 has to foward request to my ISP dns, and do recursive request for localnet/localdomain, then an all mac/gateway I have to set the dns to the xserv. right ?

If I setup /etc/hosts on all macs I don"t have to chnage the dns on the macs/gateway, but in this case does all the xserv services will work ?

Then for some services I'll use the port forwarding to route outside request to the xserv.
As we don"t have yet a fixe IP adress I'll use dyndns.org

Should it work for ical/ichat ?
do I have to setup something special ?

As I have an internet box with my own dns server, I could CNAME the xxxx.dyndns.org to xserv.mydomain.com and set my box dns server to allow these services to work well if need

Is it OK to do this like this ?

The primary goal is to setup services locally, and maybe allow some services from outside (ichat/ical). If this solution isn't Ok I can imagine setup a VPN for outside services

Does ichat/ical server needs the mail to be setup ?

Is it possible to setup a mail server at least locally and then set it up to send/receive mail without a fixe IP ?

Thanks for your help and advises