View Full Version : Over-the-air Sync Issues with iPhone

Mar 9, 2010, 04:02 PM
I have MobileMe syncing two Macs and an iPhone. Lately I've noticed two annoying things happening.

1. My contact pictures are being resized from full-screen to slightly-less-than-full-screen. That is, they suddenly get cropped at the top and bottom so they are more or less square. The part that has been cropped out just appears black now.

2. Alarms on calendar events have begun duplicating themselves, so if I had an alert set for 15 minutes before an event, I now get two at the same time. This doubling only appears on my Macs.

I know I can contact MM support, but I haven't had the time lately to sit down with them, so I'm asking here. Has anyone had this happen and if so, is there a fix?