View Full Version : iWeb site will not load properly

Mar 10, 2010, 02:24 PM

I have a simple iweb site that I created, and I am experiencing some difficulties with it.

I purchased my domain : www.malcolmhinkle.com through Yahoo! domains.

I have already published my site, and it is only viewable here: http://www.malcolmhinkle.com/Malcolm_Hinkle,_Inc./Index.html
Which is the link I am taken to when I push the "View Site" button in iWeb (Yes, I know some things probably look "off" on the site:o)

I cannot access my site using www.malcolmhinkle.com, malcolmhinkle.com, or web.me.com/malcolmhinkle.

Under the Advanced DNS settings on Yahoo!, I have my CNAME Record set to: Source - www.malcolmhinkle.com Destination- web.me.com

I Have my A Record set to: Source- malcolmhinkle.com Destination-

Is This correct? Any suggestions?