View Full Version : Time Stamp Inconsistancies

Sep 6, 2004, 04:29 PM
I have my computer's clock set to automatically sync with the Apple time server, and I also have a digital clock in the other room that syncs with the radio broadcast from the American atomic clock. Both system register identical times, and yet the time stamps on posts here in the MR forums seem to be a few minutes back. As an example, I'm going to post this thread at exactly 4:31 PM according to both of my clocks.

Sep 6, 2004, 06:14 PM
That's one of the problems with online forums. I guess just add about 2 minutes to each post and you'll get a pretty good estimate as to when it was posted.

I don't pay any attention to it really.

I will hit the 'submit reply' button at exactly 7:16 PM eastern.

Sep 9, 2004, 01:16 AM
Not as bad as the FunMac forums...they run about 10 minutes fast. This can be misleading: I'll visit at 7:14 PM, see it says "last post, 7:14 PM" and think to myself "oh, new posts" and then find out that the last post was actually 10 minutes ago (7:04). I PM'ed AmbitiousLemon on FunMac asking about it, but got no response, so I dunno what's up with that.

Sep 9, 2004, 04:55 AM
I thought you were talking about different atomic clocks time ... but for that little detail, I recommend do not bother, there are bigger problems in the world ;)

Edit: Actually, when someone asks me what time it is, I always say the nearest quarter to the real time

e.g 12:00 O'clock, 12:15, 12:30, 12:45, 1:00 O'clock ...

but I have to admit that I have to control my time because of the precise trains departure times ... ;) I don't care if I don't have an atomic one near me...

Sep 11, 2004, 01:26 PM
My dad has an alarm clock that syncs with radio. The clock, however, is almost always off, which I really don't understand. It doesn't do Daylight Savings Time, either. Everytime it's off for too much, he has to take the batteries out to reset it - as there is no way of setting the time by hand. I think that clock is the reason why I lost all faith in humanity.

Sep 26, 2004, 02:05 AM
I think that it's been fixed, I'm noticing my posts sync perfectly with my system clock, as an example, I'm going to post this at exactly 2:06.

EDIT: HA! well, now it looks like it might be off a few seconds the OTHER way! :rolleyes: