View Full Version : Specific movies won't stream, specific iTunes content is grey

Mar 17, 2010, 10:13 PM
Quick overview of my setup: I stream movies, TV shows, and music from my iMac (stored on a 2 TB external) via Ethernet to my Apple TV.

OK, I'm stumped. Two problems...

1. Two specific movies ("Dial M for Murder" and "Notorious") won't show in my library on the Apple TV. They play OK in iTunes. They were ripped from MKVs using Handbrake, with the same preset I used for every other MKV to M4V movie (over 200) in my library. Movies added before and after these two stream just fine.

2. All three episodes of a TV show I have an iTunes Season Pass for play OK in iTunes but show as solid grey video and no audio on the Apple TV.

What I've tried to fix it:

- Restarted Mac, iTunes, and Apple TV
- Restored Apple TV to Factory Settings
- Redownloaded those two movies and re-ripped them

Any ideas?