View Full Version : Excel 2007 copy/paste to Mac Terminal using Fusion

Mar 19, 2010, 08:55 AM
This is a strange issue that I don't know if anyone else is trying. I have Snow Leopard with Fusion 3 installed running XP and Office 2007. For some reason I can not copy a cell (or row/column) of cells from Excel 2007 in Fusion into the Mac terminal program.

I can copy from Excel into TextEdit or most other Mac programs, so that's working. I can also copy from Excel into OpenOffice for Mac, then to Terminal with no issue. I can copy the contents of a specific cell from Excel and paste into Terminal, but can't just grab the whole cell and c/p it. I've noticed that when I try, the Paste command on the Mac side is greyed out as if I never copied anything...except I have since I can still paste it elsewhere.

This is a test iMac for my office, so I have more software installed than my boss does that's having this issue. So, one other test I did was Excel 2008 for Mac. It copied and pasted a cell, and a row/column into Terminal. Strange.

Anyone else run into this and have a solution where I don't have to copy from Excel to Open Office then to Terminal?

On a side note, I did notice that when it pastes into TextEdit, it shows the boxes and you can't copy individually from TextEdit, it treats it all as one object to highlight and delete.