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Mar 29, 2010, 03:18 AM
Dear all

I apologise in advance if I am putting a question quite similar to a thread of few weeks ago, but I am afraid I have not still found the response.

I live in France and I am Italian. I was considering buying an AppleTV, for the sole scope of watching the Internet version of an Italian TV Channel (www.la7.tv). The site is not locked, so everybody can go and see the programs (which are very good by the way if you speak italian).

The idea was then to use the ATV as a couch surfer (with either Boxee or ATVFlash) but the site of La7 is (I guess) in Macromedia Flash.

I was thus wondering if Browsers which come with Boxee and/or ATVFlash would have worked or not. The alternative would be a MacMini, but it is too expensive to be used just for that.

If anyone of you already owing an AppleTV and Boxee or ATVFlash could go on www.la7.tv, have a look and let me know that would be soooo kind of you.

Thanks in advance to all of you