View Full Version : Mobileme inbox empty on iPhone

Apr 1, 2010, 06:49 AM
Okay, so basically I have set up MobileMe and followed the steps exactly - however, when I went to check my Inbox through the Mail app on my iPhone, it's empty.

There is a notification for one new message, however when I click into Mail and then into Inbox I get the "Checking for Mail...." at the bottom, and then "Downloading 1 of 1 message.." (or something like that)

But then nothing shows up...my Inbox stays completely empty. Interestingly though when I use the "Search Inbox" and type in the subject of the test message that I've sent to myself, it shows up. But that's really not good enough, because I usually won't know what exactly is in an email I receive.

Anyway, just to note - my sent messages show up in the Sent folder.

So how can I get my incoming emails to show up in my iPhone inbox?

Please help. Thank-you all in advance!