View Full Version : Error 5555

Sep 15, 2004, 02:59 PM
What happens if you buy a song and your card is charged but you don't get the song and it was in your shopping cart until you purchased it? I tried to buy a song and i didn't get it, I have emailed apple but will wait. Anybody else had the same experience and had it resolved?

Error 5555 is what i got btw.

Sep 15, 2004, 09:42 PM
You should be able to get the song by going to Advanced: Check for Purchased Music within iTunes. Hopefully, the system doesn't believe you've already downloaded the song.

Sep 16, 2004, 02:30 AM
Done that, it says I have downloaded it.

Sep 16, 2004, 07:27 PM
Apple has done some updating on their end and have allowed me to download the song again for free! Yay!