View Full Version : Internet Sharing won't work on Tiger Server 10.4

Apr 15, 2010, 11:52 AM
I'm having major problems trying to configure Internet Sharing on my G4 Mac Mini. Any help would be much appreciated.

The configuration is as follows: Mac Mini G4 running Tiger Server - 10.4
I'm using Airport to connect to a private Wi-Fi network and want to share this connection through Ethernet. I have a switch connected to the Mac Mini, a Powermac G5 and MacBook. DHCP and File Sharing is working fine, however the Mini won't share the Airport Internet connection.

Airport IP addresses on the Mac Mini are as follows:
Router IP: - (can't change this - as I don't have access to ADSL router setup)
Mac Mini IP: - (this is dynamic but its usually assigned this IP)

Ethernet IP addresses as follows:
Router IP: (note I don't have a "router" connected as such, just a switch)
G5 IP: (dynamic - with static mapping)
MacBook: (dynamic - with static mapping)

I have tried the following:

a) Tiger Server Gateway setup assistant - didn't work.
b) The "NATural" setup assistant from http://www.jamiegriffin.com - didn't work (have experimented with various settings to no avail)
c) "IPNetShareX" from http://www.sustworks.com/site/downloads.html - didn't work.
d) Tricking Tiger Server Sharing Control Panel to display "Internet Sharing" options by removing "ServerVersion.plist" from Lib/CoreServices folder - thereby allowing me to switch on "Internet Sharing" as is possible in OS 10.4 (non server version) - didn't work
e) 2 complete system reinstalls - didn't work

Interesting to note that from the Terminal on the G5 I can ping -,, but NOT - its getting stuck here. Also note that on my G5 I had Internet Sharing working fine sharing its Wi-Fi card through Ethernet.

The Mac Mini won't and I can't understand why. Note again that AFP File Sharing is working fine, so I'm thinking its a DNS problem. With this in mind I used the "Server Admin" to specify ISP DNS's in the DHCP setup panel - again this didn't work. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,