View Full Version : a Mac Rumors iChat/AOL room?

Sep 22, 2004, 06:11 AM
i was just reading on Apple Insider, and saw that they have a iChat/AOL room called 'appleinsider'. you just go to iChat, File > Go to Chat... then you're in the chat room.

i know there's an IRC channel, i'm in there ATM actually. but i just thought that a iChat room for MR would be good as well, you know, for those of us who like to see pictures and balloons with our text. :p

well, in iChat i'm in 'macrumors' right now, and it's empty at the moment. so if anyone gets the urge to drop by...

i guess this doesn't need any mods or admins here at MR to set up, but if it could be made official...? might be alot easier for those confused with IRC?