View Full Version : Can't stream movies to my 360!

Apr 23, 2010, 10:22 AM
I have been, for the life of me, trying to figure out how to rip then stream backup video files to my 360. I am trying to find a setting that would allow me to use the same ripped file to stream to my Apple TV and the 360. I don't want to have to rip it two different ways to get it to stream to each device. Does anyone have a step by step on how to do this? Is it even possible? I have been using Handbrake's Apple TV setting. My file sizes are usually around 4GB, give or take. I have an iMac with connect360 so i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. I thought the 360 accepted the h.264 codec?

Apr 23, 2010, 10:35 AM
All of my movies are the .m4v file types, all I do, is copy them from itunes
to my "fat32" formated flash drive, then plug in the flash drive to the xbox360.
If you have the optional media update done on the 360 side, you can watch or listen to anything from itunes. *it's set up so you can plug in your ipod/touch/phone to the xbox and watch directly from there*

I don't use the connect360, so when I found this working perfectly I was
happier than a clam. *S*

Hope it helps.