View Full Version : What resolution for watching movies in vertical or portrait position?

May 1, 2010, 04:24 PM
what would be an optimal resolution for viewing a video in the vertical position of the ipad? the movies i have converted so far are in a wide screen format and are pretty small in the vertical position with veryyyy large bars on the top and bottom. i know this is severely limiting the options available since movies are generally in a widescreen format which play great in the horizontal position.


May 1, 2010, 05:32 PM
Well, I suppose your horizontal resolution would be 768 as that is the width of the iPad screen. So a standard def DVD is 720x480 which translates to 768x520 though I do not know if this will really work.

May 2, 2010, 10:04 AM
maybe i should keep the aspect ratio the same but encode at a width of 768 and let handbrake figure out what to use for the height?