View Full Version : NAS setup for Apple TV and Revo help pls

May 2, 2010, 12:52 AM
I have an apple TV installed with ATVflash and a Revo 3600. At the moment both have seperate ext HDD with photos, music and videos on but the HDD are getting full and I have to update 2 ext HDD's all the time.
I would like to house all my music, videos, photos on one HDD, and let my ATV abd REVO and my home pc all access the same data. Is this possible? I thought a NAS might do the job. The NAS would be connected to my home pc upstairs and the ATV and REVO connect via wireless n. Would the wireless N from a HDD work well with ATV and REVO (video files run well from the usb connected HDD at the moment)

Long question but I am sure others have the same issue. I want all my docs, music, vids and photos in one place for the Revo /atv/pc to read from. I would also like it to have 2 drives so I can auto back up. Budget...300 PC skills medium so no hard set ups I hope. Many thanks to anyone who can help me. PAUL