View Full Version : projections for next macworld

Jun 25, 2001, 02:23 AM
what's going to happen at the next macworld expo??

definately NOTHING to the imac.

-the titanium powerbook G4 is due for a cdrw drive. i know i'm not the only one waiting for it.

-powermacs may get a new look and price drops.

-thought there are rumors of apple trying to phase out the cubes, it's just not going to happen without a brand new product. the imacs are not meant to be upgraded-see my reasons in the last topic.

-anybody heard about the iTab? apple has been working on a pda chip for quite some time now. it would be the size of the new ibooks, the screen covering 12.1 inchers. who would want this? everyone. with a cd drive and all the inputs and peripherals you would need. if you have the picture of it-i know i've seen it here somewhere, drop me a line on aol instant messenger.

Jul 6, 2001, 01:52 AM
In case you didn't notice...
Apple already has removed the cube. check out http://www.apple.com/cube ... it's also been removed from the apple store.