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May 6, 2010, 10:33 AM
Hi Folks,

My mac mini is in the mail and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. In the mean time I wanted to start a discussion for Mac mini HTPC canadians and what you are doing.

Our American friends have hulu and netflix and this and that, perhaps we can complete the list but I realize we can't [easily] access that material.

Can we discuss the alternatives and the work arounds and what works well and what doesn't?

If I want to get Hulu what is the best proxy server etc. This will be a great FAQ after all the facts on in.

Thanks for participating


May 7, 2010, 09:57 AM
I'm thinking of doing the same thing with a mini and dumping cable.

I live in Canada (Nova Scotia - does that count!?)

I watch a lot of British TV through the internet using a Private VPN and it works really well. I've got several UK IP addresses but the company I use also supply a US IP address so I've had Hulu working + content frome ABC etc
I just have to work out how to get content for my kids on a TV in the basement and I can get rid of cable.

PM me if you want more details.


May 7, 2010, 10:04 AM
OP -

1 Subscribe to VPN service, such as StrongVPN.

2 Join Netflix and Hulu.

3 Enjoy !

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May 9, 2010, 09:46 PM
Our options aren't too great here...

I run a 5 terrabyte system right now, and get all of my HD from the torrents. I purchase Daily Show passes from iTunes (hard to argue with $9.99 for 16 episodes). I rent or borrow most of my movies, with the occasional purchase when Wal-Mart or Best Buy are running deals.

I send in requests to Netflix to expand to Canada every six months or so. I tried the Canadian equivalent, but I found the turnarounds to be horribly slow, and the interface unintuitive.

Honestly, if it wasn't for hockey, I probably would have already dumped cable. As it is, it costs me 70 bucks a month for the 4-6 channels I actually watch.... come on a la carte!

May 10, 2010, 01:24 PM
Draziguy, have you considered attempting what entatlrg is suggesting?