View Full Version : Fallout 2 Save Game Editor, need testers

Aug 9, 2002, 09:51 PM
I just released the first version of a Fallout 2 Save Game Editor, you can find it on version tracker at:
mind you, i'm not advertising. Since I cannot possibly test the program in every possible scenario of a saved game, I would really appreciate it if any of those who purchased it at macworld to give it a shot. It has excellent backup recovery features, and if it happens to corrupt a file please let me know. It works fine on every file on my computer, in a number of situations. however, the first person with the game to rate it at VT said it corrupted his save file. So, I'm just asking any of you with a little bit of free time, and the game, to please give it a shot. I really need some support with this thing, thanks in advance. (If you do, include the save.dat file, instructions in read me)

e-mail: medgar@nycap.rr.com

my apologies for the misplaced thread, i spent a long night last night putting the polish on this baby and I've been pretty dumb today