View Full Version : Mac Mini/Any Mac or Mac Mini server

May 21, 2010, 01:56 AM
Hi Everyone,

I have toyed with the idea of Mac Mini server at home. This is because we have 4 laptops, 2 iPads and , 2 iPhones , 1 Nexus One and 4 iPods. The laptops are a mix, I 2 dedicated Windows, 2 Macs with Windows (1 Bootcamp and 1 Parallels).

I have been trying to toy with the idea of getting a Mac Mini Server and using one instance of software installation and accessing through thin client - or something like that.

1. Can you please advise if this is a logical route to take and/or possible. Plus does it really lower my TCO at home......

2. What could be a thin client..... do I still have to buy the full machines and then strip them down to leverage the Server OSX ?

3. Even though everyone accesses the server, is t possible to maintain user privacy, like emails, downloads etc ?

4. Could one user be logged into Mac OSX and the other user into Win bootcamp simultaneously ?

And practically speaking is this choice a bad idea ?

Your ideas and suggestions are welcome.