View Full Version : MobileMe + Keychain = HELP !

May 23, 2010, 11:23 AM
ok, i will try to explain this as best as i can

i used to have a powerbook so its name was eg "john's powerbook"
i had my user account on it and of course a keychain with my passwords
when the time came to upgrade and get the macbook pro i now have,
i backed up my keychain using Backup (didn't feel like trusting it to .mac at the time)
along with my other files, formatted the powerbook and sold it.
when i got the macbook pro i transferred my files back, my old keychain along with them.
at this point i have to say that i did have some issues with folders and files being locked to the old account, which i resolved by unlocking them with the new password and changing the permissions.
i didn't have any such problems with the keychain to the best of my memory (this was 2 years ago roughly)
today i decided to start backing up my keychain along with everything else using mobileme and lo and behold, when i checked the box and hit "sync now" it asked for my old mac's password...
i clicked on "advanced" and removed the old mac from the authorised computers but to no avail, it still didn't work...
so i entered the old password and it seems to sync fine...
question is, did it sync fine? and am i stuck with this old mac's "name" and password for the rest of my life now?
i'm guessing the keychain has retained the "owner" from the old mac, but i have no idea how to change it...
help? :D

btw, i tried copying the keychain file from ~/Library/Keychains and deleting the "login" keychain, i then brought it back in... and when i log in to mobileme from the system preferences it says that there was a problem saving to my keychain... wtf?

May 23, 2010, 12:10 PM
renamed the old keychain, made a new one and i don't get the error message now but it still asks for the old account's password to sync the keychain to mobileme.. ?

May 24, 2010, 02:11 AM
now i've got the PubSub Agent asking for the password every now and then...
what's going on? :confused::confused: