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Jun 1, 2010, 04:29 PM
Hi there,

My macbook air broke some time ago. one of the hinges broke and the screen came loose. After contacting Apple my macbook was repaired for and they replaced the entire screen. It is working great again except for the fact that the colors don't seem to be right.

As a matter of fact colors are pretty right, but I am seeing some heavy banding. it actually looks like pictutres are not displayed with full color depth (32 bit).

Snow Leopard does not have the function 'Millions of colors' anymore, but in the profiler it really says pixel depth is 32 bit. yet i have banding issues that almost make me think I have a little bit more than 256 colors.

I performed a reset of the nvram/pram, but still no luck. check color profiles, also no luck.
I need to go back to the apple store but hope actually for a solution here.

maybe anyone some advise?
this must be a software issue.

Jun 1, 2010, 05:15 PM
It could be that the cable was damaged somehow during installation? I have seen that exact look on other computers where their cable from board to display is damaged.

Otherwise, you could try to reset the color profile back and forth and see if that changes anything?

Good luck.