View Full Version : New Sega Master System Emulator

Jun 2, 2010, 08:49 PM
Seem legit, want some feedback--here is some information it so you can check it out and get back to me, ty

NEW SEGA master system emulator at http://www.rockyourphone.com/index.php/mega.html
- Multiple save/load states.
- Action Replay cheat code support.
- Able to download ROMs straight to your iphone/ipod touch!
- Preview of saved states.
- Fast forward.
- Slow down.
- Antialiasing.
- Full sound support.
- Frameskip.
- Video scaling
- Automatic saving/loading of cheats and options..
- Game Genie codes for Game Gear
- Built-in-browser to download ROMs

Relieve your classic SEGA Master System games on your iphone!

Get the free trial/buy it now at: