View Full Version : Cant file share vista and mac (10.6)

Jun 3, 2010, 07:33 PM
Ive been trying to set this up for 6 hours now and no luck. Ive followed tens of tutorials as well.

In MBP I have

set file sharing to on
set SMB to on and checked my username directly below.
designated my user directory to be shared as read and write,
set the firewall to allow smb
set my workgroup to WORKGROUP under WINS for airport (i connect via wifi)

In Vista I have

turned off all my security - virus, defender, firewall
set file sharing on
shared my documents folder
set the registration key LmCompatibilityLevel to 1

Now in the mbp nothing shows up in the finder under shared. I tried connecting to my vista ip address via go => connect and nothing.

In Vista in networks my macbook shows up but when i try to click open it up it hangs and complains the name might not be correctly set.

I cant ping either whether its mac => PC or PC => mac.

Can anyone help